Exclusive interview with Juan Pascal Estrada

Published on 22 April 2023 at 21:44

I have had a great opportunity  to create an interview with Olimpija CB, CM... I would also like to thank all of you for support on the web page, instagram and twitter. Also thanks for visiting my page from literally whole world. Enjoy : )




You have played for several clubs in different countries. How has your experience playing in Slovenia been so far, and what do you think sets Slovenian football apart from other leagues?

As a centre back, communication with your teammates is key. How do you ensure that everyone on the pitch is on the same page, especially when dealing with language barriers?

Everyone speaks english very well in the team. I can communicate good in english and i know all of the most important little commandos in slovenian as well. That has never been a problem.

Your aerial ability and physicality are often praised by fans and analysts alike. How do you work on improving these aspects of your game, and do you have any tips for young players looking to improve their aerial ability?

I have to say that I learnt the defensive side of my game in England. They taught me how to become better in the air and against the ball. I made a huge improvement in this area. It‘s just about to keep working on it and maybe stay after training to do some individual work on the areas you want to develop.


You have played in some high-pressure matches throughout your career. How do you prepare mentally for big games, and do you have any pre-match rituals or routines?

I always enjoy playing „big matches“. I mean that is why everyone wants to become a footballer. I keep my routine the same for every game though so I‘m not doing anything special. I make sure I eat a lot on the day before the game and try to get some sleep before we leave to go to the stadium.

You have played in several positions throughout your career, but which one do you enjoy playing the most?

I used to play in midfield when growing up. The last few years I mostly played centre back. At Olimpija it changes sometimes so I‘m happy that I can play more than 1 position. I would not be able to choose which one I like more.

If you could have chosen any other number of the shirt, what would it be?

I quite like the nr 27. My dad used to play with this number and I also think it suits me

How did you got a contract with Puma?

Mainly because of the national team. After beimg called up to the 21‘s I received an offer from them. I‘m very grateful that I can work with Puma.

What is your favourite food, and did you tried any slovenian tradiotional dishes? if you did, how did you liked them?

I like slovenian food a lot. We sometimes go out to eat in typical slovenian restaurants with the whole team. There‘s always a lot of different meat involved which I like.

An unpleasant question, but Ronaldo or Messi

Ronaldo, for sure

What is your travel to destination on bucket list?

I want to visit USA at some point in my life

What do you enjoy the most doing when you are free?

I like to spend time with friends, go for coffe or spend some time with my girlfriend and our little dog.

If you would have to change your position, what would you choose?

I wouldn‘t change it I think. I feel very comfortable where I am on the pitch right now 😅

What is your dream scenario with Olimpija?

I mean one of the dream scenarios happened already. Beat Maribor at home to win the championship. I think that‘s the best way to win the title. It‘ll be another dream to beat them in the cup final as well 😉

Which is your favourite stadium?

In Slovenia by far Stozice. In general I‘d say Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

Who was your idol when you were a child?

When I was a child it was always Toni Kroos.


If Olimpija was in Fifa and you could rate club and your own fifa card, how would you rate them?

I used to have a card when I was at Wolves in Ultimate Team. I think it was rated like 52 or 53. So not great really😂 I hope this has improved now!

Who is the player that you have the best relationship in club?

I have a good relationship with all of them to be fair! But the best probably with Lasickas and Karamatic.

How was it like to win the league against Maribor infront of packed Stožice stadium? : )

As I said before it was unbelievable. A dream scenario. I will never forget this day. The atmosphere our fans created was special.

Do you have anything to say to fans, Green Dragons...

I‘d say that I want to thank them for the support this season. First of all they motivated us to go and win every game. With creating an amazing atmosphere always they also make it easier for us to perform better. And i also would thank them for me personally as well. I felt always supported since the first day I arrived here. 🐉💚

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